Drawing from a repertoire consisting of close to 100 songs and tunes, the Jolly Tars tailor each performance to their venue and audience.

 Sample Set Lists

Nautical Music

Get Up Jack, John Sit down

Heave Away Me Johnny

Drunken Sailor

100 Years on the Eastern Shore


Yella Gals

Hog Eye Man

Saint Brendan’s Fair Isle

The Banks of Newfoundland

Blow The Man Down

Leaving Liverpool

The Mermaid

Nelson’s Blood

Strike The Bell

Song of The Fishes

Fiddler’s Green

Rolling Down to Old Maui

Paddy West

The Coast of Peru

Irish Music

The Irish Jaunting Car

The Minstrel Boy

Saint Ann’s Reel

The Rambles Of Spring

Whiskey in the Jar

Black Velvet Band

Nancy Whiskey

Come In, The Rakes of Mallow

Donegal Danny

Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye

The Lady Leroy


Paddy On The Canal

Paddy On The Railway

Star Of The County Down

The Wild Rover

Saint Brendan’s Fair Isle

The Mermaid

The Hills of Conemarra

Paddy's Lamentation

Me First Love in Life

Molly Malone

The Rare Old Mountain Dew

Crooked Jack

Make Way For The Molly Maguires

The Ghost Of The Molly Maguires

Songs of the Industrial Revolution


Paddy On The Canal

Nancy Whisky

Rolling Down to Old Maui

The Hills of Conemarra

Frobisher Bay

Paddy's Sick Note

Granite Mills

Crooked Jack

Paddy On The Railroad

The Wreak OF The Old 97


Civil War Music

Angelina Baker, Kingdom Coming

I Goes to Fights Mit Sigel

Dixie, The Rebel Raid

The Minstrel Boy

The Battle Cry of Freedom

Oh Susanna, Ring The Banjo

  Bonny Blue Flag

Marching Through Georgia 

Kemo Kimo