Nautical Music

The wide and wild sea beckons; book passage with Ken and Jake and hear songs that will transport you to the days of sail.

Sea Songs

Sea Chanteys


Sailor Lore


Sam's Gone Away.mp3

Yella Gal.mp3

Hogeye Man.mp3

Blow The Man Down.mp3

Civil War

 Historical Music 

A nation divided; hear the songs of the North and the South that buoyed the spirits at home and on the front. 

Patriotic Songs

Martial Music

Soldier's Parodies


Battle Cry of Freedom.mp3

Kemo Kimo.mp3


Irish Traditional Music

Music of the Industrial Revolution

Travel the the byways of Ireland, Britain and America as the Jolly Tars sing the stories of the men and women that built canals and railroads and labored in mines and factories.

Songs and Ballads

Jigs and Reels

Dance Tunes


Paddy On The Canal.mp3